Monday, January 05, 2004

Planck of Persia

I just finished playing href="">Prince of Persia. My
first reaction was disappointment at how short the game was (under 9
hours), but now that I think about it I'm not sure if the gameplay
could have held up much longer. It's a lot of fun at first, as you
run along walls and execute impressive-looking sequences of flips and
jumps, but after a while it starts to feel a bit hollow. The root of
the problem is that while you appear to have complete freedom of
movement, all your actions are actually coarsely quantized. When you
make a running jump off a ledge, your feet always leave the ground
right at the edge, and you go the same distance. Attempting a jump,
coming up a little short, and grabbing the ledge with your hands sort
of loses its thrill when you realize that you couldn't have done it
any differently. Because of this the game is pretty easy, which is a
shame, since the rewind ability seems like an excellent way to
alleviate the frustration that's so common in games full of tricky
jumps. It's still a fun game though, and well worth a rental at